So – you all know I like to build things that help people. (Long post -but Fro…

So – you all know I like to build things that help people. (Long post -but #sorrynotsorry)

From sex addiction recovery groups for women to a marketing company.

From a non-profit for sex industry workers to a church in a tattoo shop in South Beach.

From recording music to lift and inspire or make people think to a fitness company to help people create income so that they can long term get healthy, help their friends and family get healthy and build their dreams… AND I have something I believe you are going to LOVE in the works…BUT! More about that later.

For now – as most of you know – a few years ago I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and after chemo and a double mastectomy and reconstruction I started to sink into depression and at the end of 2014 I was at a low point of my depression. I had gained 50 lbs, and I started having trouble with again with my health. I was getting queasy after eating, heartburn, trouble breathing just walking up steps and constantly tired. I couldn’t even step into the recording studio because I was so out of breath singing.

I went through a series of testing from MRI’s to stress tests to CAT Scans and it turns out, my body was just under stress from gaining too much weight. I had always been thin but depression, post cancer and entering my 40’s took its toll. So I reached out to a friend who was in shape and started getting healthy again.

I have lost 25 lbs so far and am feeling the strongest I have ever been.

Along with getting healthy myself – I had the chance to give back to others by becoming a coach myself and helping others along in their journey.

I wasn’t already in shape when I started, but had a desire to help other people and I knew that some people could actually dive full on into building a business of coaching and I wanted to provide the opportunity for them to create income for themselves.

TO APPLY go to to start the process! #Over40Savage #cats #adultentertainment #staugustine #nashville #lexington #beach #travel #adventure #love #florida #dontquit #keepgoing #goals #jacksonville #fitness #glitter #summer #foodie #surf #surfing #waves #ocean #vegan #organic #simplelife



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