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Something that has been on my mind for a few years. You are more than _______. I…

Something that has been on my mind for a few years. You are more than _______. I think as humans we like to put ourselves into a box. “I am a business leader.”, “I am a pastor.”, “I am a doctor.”, “I am a worship leader.”, “I am a mom.”, “I am a _____.” But we are not just one thing. We don’t fit into molds nor should we try to. We are not what we do. We are all complicated, stronger than we think and beautifully different.

For a long time – I thought I had to fit into a certain mold. That I had to be what others expected me to be.

Then one day I had a revelation that I am not just one thing. That I am not even the sum of my past redemption.

But that I am many things and I can do many things and build a life that incorporated ALL things. That I can dream, build and try different things in my life to learn to risk more, learn more and live fully.

And that freaked some people out. People who wanted me to stay in one certain box that they had me as in their minds.

Even those who got MAD because I started pursing different things in my life. I even had hate mail. I know – crazy right?

But even that is just a part of who I am and I am finally ok with just being me.

People – let’s give up this crazy idea of deciding what we think others “should” be.

Let’s love people for who they are.

Amazing, beautiful, different, complex, full of potential and life, loved, creative, inspiring, strong, and masterpieces. It’s a beautiful mosaic of living.

And for ourselves, let’s stop putting ourselves into little boxes. We are full of potential and life.

Go live it.
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