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Sterling Strands Has Launched!

GarterStitchThrowandFenceSterlingStrandsI am excited to share with you about the launch of my new company, Sterling Strands!

It is a very exciting day as it is the launch of my new company AND the 5 year anniversary of my husband asking me to marry him. Celebrating all around!

Three years ago, having run my non-profit for many years, I started asking myself, “What are some of the things I love, and would love to accomplish?”

This led to my writing of books, recording music and starting a company that could provide joy and comfort to others.

As some of you know I love the art of working with yarn, and over the past year it developed into Sterling Strands.

Check out the story of Sterling Strands below:

My earliest memories were of my grandmother crocheting huge blankets for the winter. I would sit at her feet and watch the yarn slowly disappear  from the baskets beside her rocking chair and reappear into soft, warm luxuriousness.

At a very young age, she taught me how to make my own creations.

I kept crocheting, and when I hit one of the hardest times of my life, my mother in law taught me to knit. My spirit at that time was crushed, ripped apart at the seams, but then slowly woven back together with each stitch I would knit.

Now, one of the things I get to do is create hand crafted items made from a selection of beautiful strands of yarn whether it be the smallest or chunkiest strand of yarn I can find. Each piece is a loving creative process.
I love to make something very personal for each person that is lusciously tactile to the touch. This is a slow art in its best sense. Passed down through the generations, working with fine strands of yarn fulfills a sense of connecting with my family history, my need for sensory feedback and my love of both texture and fibers.

From my pain came beauty, and now one of the greatest joys I get to do is create beautiful items for others.

Love to you all,
Sandi Savage

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