Such an encouragement for me this morning as I shift into the next season. @cha…

Such an encouragement for me this morning as I shift into the next season.
@charlgambill this was like water to my soul. Thank you a ton!
Her post: Growth: its part of Gods plan for all of us. God wants you and I to keep flourishing, He prunes, teaches, guides, and increases our lives so we can all grow in wisdom, character and capacity. Growth is healthy!!! In the natural we encourage and cheer on our kids growth. Yet in the spiritual we can do the opposite to one another. Sadly Sometimes when you step out the ones you thought would cheer for you become the ones who try to contain you. David’s brothers didn’t cheer him on when he left his hillside and came to the front line. Davids growth at that moment provided everyone’s safety and future security as he defeated a giant, but that moment also exposed his brothers insecurity and the kings jealously. You may sometimes be surprised by the ones who remain silent in your successes but don’t allow the reactions of others good or bad determine your commitment to grow. God wants growth, he wants you to increase in the destiny he designed for your life. He wants his word to grow in you and through you. So If you are celebrated or criticized in your expansion today determine to grow anyway!



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