Swipe to see some pics from my wedding! One of my very favorite days… 10 years…

Swipe to see some pics from my wedding! One of my very favorite days… 10 years ago was our fantastic wedding… When we met in 2007 I had no idea that it was the best thing that could ever have happened to me.
I was in my late 30’s and never thought I would find someone as crazy as me, but then I met @timsavage- a man who also loved adventure and had a strength of heart, mind and spirit. God had orchestrated our life to meet.
A year later we started dating and went for it like it was 1950.
Honoring each other and making sure we were taking our relationship at the right pace. One year later he proposed and 6 months after that- on May 15, 2010 – TEN YEARS AGO TODAY at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington KY I got to become his wife.
In the past 10 years we had had some incredible adventures. Some amazing, some heartbreaking, some extremely difficult and most entirely joyful. I love him so much and am so very thankful to be his wife.
Happy 10 year anniversary my love – it’s just beginning:)



  1. indigosundries says:

    Happy Anniversay!!!! ❤️

  2. sharonaclements says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful day, beautiful friend!

  3. bonniecollins7790 says:

    Happy Anniversary

  4. rachelmahoney says:

    Happy anniversary!!! 10 years?!?! Seems like a lifetime ago and like yesterday all together! Load of love to you both today! ????

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