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The Crazy Tooth. For my entire life I have struggled with this tooth. I didn’t…

The Crazy Tooth.
For my entire life I have struggled with this tooth. I didn’t want to get braces as a teenager, and in my early 20’s I developed a deep insecurity about the crazy tooth.
When I smiled you couldn’t see it, but when I sang you could. I got into my mind that I couldn’t sing professionally anymore because of the tooth. The crazy tooth.

Then most of you know the story after that. If you don’t- ask me sometime:) Most recently, now in my 40’s the crazy tooth was bothering me so much. Again, I thought- I am in my 40’s. I don’t want to deal with braces but the crowding in my lower teeth was starting to cause too much pressure. I also thought, there is no way it could just be pulled because the teeth could collapse on themselves!

After putting it off again and again, talking myself out of it over and over, thinking nothing could be done I finally went to see a dentist for a professional opinion.
Much to my surprise, the solution was simple.
She could just pull it.
A simple solution. After so many years. An extraction.

So today, the thing that caused me insecurity, pain and delayed dreams is gone.
It feels like a brand new day:) There are lots of things in our lives we choose to ignore and think there is no solution to the problem.
But sometimes, it’s as easy as an extraction.
Painful yes, but worth it? Yes. Worth way more than the temporary pain of removing it.
Is there something in your life you need removed or changed? A bad habit or unhealthy pattern?
Talk to someone about it.
Make an extraction plan.


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