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IMG_2493Since starting my journey to reclaiming my health – I have had so many wins, some losses and quite a journey.

I found a new profession – one that allows me to support people in their own journey.

I have scores of women and men getting healthy in Fitness Accountability Groups.

I have 60+ coaches on my team who are rocking it out helping other people achieve their goals.

But before all that – I am on my fitness journey too.

Some days are super hard.

Some days I don’t want to work out.

Some days I eat too much sugar (yesterday – lol).

I still have 15 lbs I’d like to lose. But I’m not on a “diet” just a path of greater health. Diets are not good for you.

I know I can get MUCH stronger.

I am on a journey.

We are all on a journey.

But I am closer today than yesterday.

Just keep moving forward!

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