There are some days where life is very very hard. Where your mind, heart and sou…

There are some days where life is very very hard. Where your mind, heart and soul are in crushing pain and you question why some things happen. I believe in staying optimistic. I absolutely believe we have enough hard things happen in our lives to rehash every hard moment on social media – that’s why I stay positive and encouraging – maybe if someone is having a bad day they can see a post and be uplifted and inspired. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have hard days. We all do. I choose to pray, trust, cry when I need to and lean in on those that love me. If someone you know is having a challenging time – reach out to them and pour out love to them. Life is too short to let fear, distance, misunderstanding, or confusion stand in the way of love. Choose compassion. Choose grace. Choose forgiveness. Hold those you love tightly even if you don’t understand their choices. Choose LOVE.
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