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Thinking this morning about a book I’ve read by my friend Pete Wilson – What Ke…

Thinking this morning about a book I’ve read by my friend Pete Wilson – What Keeps You Up at Night – and how I’ve gotten to see these principles play out in my own life and what choices I have ahead of me. I am reminded of where I allowed fear to keep me in situations far longer than I should have been, I feared advancing forward, I feared what people would say, I feared being misunderstood, I feared my own struggle with depression – lots of things.
Then one day I made a decision that whenever possible I would face fear head on and move through it.
I would move when and where God calls me to, I will love and support as many people as possible through their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional decisions and I will live my own life abundantly without hesitation.

Everyday we are faced with decisions. We can either choose to play it safe, or choose to risk.
I believe this is a great book for everyone. Go check it out – Here is an excerpt – “fear can inflict some ugly consequences on our lives. It is perhaps the world’s most pernicious thief. It steals our joy in the present and robs us of our hope for the future. It causes us to obsess over ourselves and our limitations instead of seeing all the possibilities that are available. It keeps me from connecting with other people and prevents me from allowing myself to be vulnerable or trusting. It erodes my faith and confidence, preventing me from daring to do what God has called me to do in this world. It deceives me into crawling inside a box in an attempt to be safe when I was really created to take glorious risks in the wide-open air.” – Pete Wilson
This is who we really are – let’s go take glorious risks in the wide open air.

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