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This is just one of the reasons I love being a Beachbody Coach. There are tons o…

This is just one of the reasons I love being a Beachbody Coach. There are tons of people who think I am crazy doing it. Even people who have “defriended” me because of it. But THIS is one of the reasons I love it. Yes. It’s heartbreaking when you see someone give up before they really get the swing of things. It’s heartbreaking when someone says, no, not this time for a fitness group when you KNOW their entire life could change because of it.
BUT! There are joys like THIS that is the reason I love coaching. This was a post from one of my coaches today. I absolutely love helping people see their worth, their value and mentor them in their biz. This woman here is an amazing, beautiful, smart, loving woman who has major things in store for her life. I love that I get to watch it up close. If you want to learn more about a fitness group or coaching – comment or message me. I’d love to get you on a path of health and dreaming too 🙂 From one of my coaches: “I’ve always had a lot of things I have wanted to do in my life but always felt limited. I always put restrictions on myself. I would think things like “maybe if I was more outgoing” or “maybe if I was more talented” or “maybe if I was younger”.I have changed my thinking so much since I started fitness coaching. I am learning a lot about myself and my mindset has been changing from feeling like I can’t to seeing more possibility in each day. Sometimes I take baby steps and sometimes I decide to just jump all in! Here are just a few of the things I want to do before my life is over:

I want to learn to play guitar.
I want to learn to dance.
I want to take photography classes.
I want to take art classes.
I want to see U2 and Elton John in concert one day.

I want us to be able to buy a new home with a yard. A big kitchen that I can cook lots of great meals in, and space to entertain. I want a backyard with flowers and a garden and a swing or hammock I can lay in and look up at the stars and enjoy the night air. Some of these might seem small to you but they are some of my biggest dreams. I intend to do all of these things. I love being a beachbody coach and that I get to help other people…”


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