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Time to Fly

FLY-2Are you living your life with clipped wings?

There have been plenty of times in my life that I have allowed the voices of others and of myself to hold me back.

In 1997 I was living with a guy who was abusive verbally and emotionally. He manipulated me, would take the money I earned each night to use for himself, telling me he knew how to handle it better. He had multiple affairs with my co workers at the club I worked in, and even stayed at my club partying after I had gotten off work and had gone home. 

At least once or twice a week he told me I would never find a man that would love me like he did and for a long time I believed him. I stayed because I thought I was stuck.

Then one day – even then – I realized I was worth more than that. That I could live my life free from the abuse and emotional toll it had on my life and just leave. I shut down the voices that told me I couldn’t.

Don’t listen to all the voices that tell you that you will fail. That you can’t.

I dare you to listen to the smaller voice inside that says – but what if you did?

What if you were free?

What if you SUCCEED?

Then go for it.

Use your wings and FLY.

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