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@timsavage . My sweet amazing husband. The best husband in the world. My partner…

@timsavage . My sweet amazing husband. The best husband in the world. My partner, best friend, love of my life. I am so grateful God brought us together to live out this wild adventure of life as husband and wife and now parents to our baby girl Josephine.

Y’all – today is his 15th spiritual birthday. Wish him a happy one!

Love, I am astounded daily that I get to be your wife and see what an amazing father you are.

Happy 15th spiritual birthday sweetie. I love you so very much

From Tim this morning:

15 years ago today I gave my life to Jesus.

Everything changed.

I was 90 days sober with out a license & a friend, Bryan, gave me a ride to church on a Saturday night.

My heart heard what forgiveness was & lunged forward.

A couple of people around me wanted me to be sure I knew I was giving my one & only life to Jesus.

I looked one of them in the eye and said, “I got it, let’s pray”

I remember lifting my head from resting on the seat in front of me & the silence all around me.

Like in a movie. Everything was happening with no sound. My heart’s door was opened for the first time.

Jesus lives there.

I am not a perfect person or Christian and He loved me then & now.

He can do the same for you.

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