Today is a special day. A little over 17 years ago I had 2 failed marriages, wa…

❤️ Today is a special day. A little over 17 years ago I had 2 failed marriages, was recovering from an alcohol and cocaine addiction, was working in the sex industry for 13 years and had recently moved back to Kentucky from Mexico City – where I had lived for 8 years – to heal.
After much convincing from my bestie Greg I walked into a small church and expected to be judged but I was only met with love. 17 years ago today on April 27, 2003 – I saw Jesus for who He really is, finally understood that crazy thing called GRACE and gave my life to Him. I realized that no one has ever gone too far for the love and acceptance of Jesus and that anyone who preached separation, division and hate were not representing Him well.
Since then, I worked hard to get out of a 13 year career in adult entertainment. I launched a non profit to support women who are in the sex industry and now different cities are continuing the work as their own non-profits.
I met and married my amazing husband @timsavage and have gotten to be a part of some amazing adventures.
I survived Breast Cancer. .
I’ve led worship in some amazing places.
We launched and pastored a church plant in South Beach and after moving back home I serve as the lead pastor of a local church. More on that soon 🙂 .
I started The @kentuckymaker Co – a boutique craft shop in Versailles KY where we craft awesomeness.
And all of this is great. Not possible without Jesus, my family and my friends who stuck it out with me, who checked in on me, who continued to share in this wild life. .
But Jesus – He gives me the strength to carry it out. In the end none of my past, present, future, things I do, etc defines me. Just Jesus.
I am far from perfect. But you know – I am having a blast in this crazy life and I love my family, friends and people deeply and have the capacity to do so. I cannot wait to be able to hug them all again.
I have peace in my heart that only Jesus can provide.
Thankful for this day 17 years ago. It changed everything.



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