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UNREAL sunrise this morning… – in the spirit of no filter… here are some th…

UNREAL sunrise this morning… #nofilter – in the spirit of no filter… here are some thoughts from this morning… .
Have you ever gone directly in a path that most people would consider too hard but you knew it was the right path to take?
In the past few years – I have gotten to make some decisions regarding my life, health, work and location that others have considered crazy. Challenging and risky.
Aggressively treating my breast cancer with chemo, a double mastectomy and reconstruction. .
Launching 2 churches (south beach miami and now Lexington Ky @317church)
Founding a non-profit to support men and women in the sex industry that has now multiplied into their own non profits in multiple states.
Founding a business – The KY Maker Co. (@kentuckymaker) built around creating community and learning within the craft and Maker industry.
Going through years of IVF after chemo messed up my fertility.
Beginning to practice self care that is necessary to be my best.
Writing a book that tells the whole story. Not just the bullet points from my past life, not just the pretty instagram highlights of today, but the whole story. .
You know what? .
Risk and challenge will be involved in everything you do. These are just my experiences. The things that could be risky to you could look very different. But I know for me, I would rather make decisions in my life that other people may see as crazy or too hard – than to miss some gorgeous opportunities to live an adventure with my life.
Hopefully, I can inspire others to take a chance on living their life to the fullest. And don’t misread me here. The fullest life for you, is YOUR life. Decide how you want to live it, pray about it, then do what is necessary.
Don’t put it off until tomorrow – live your life TODAY. .
Later this week I’m going to pop up a podcast that expands on this… keep an eye out for it.


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