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WhyNotYou?So – you all know I like to build things that help people. (Long post -but #sorrynotsorry)

From sex addiction recovery groups for women to a marketing company.

From a non-profit for sex industry workers to a church in a tattoo shop in South Beach.

From recording music to lift and inspire or make people think to a fitness company to help people create income so that they can long term get healthy, help their friends and family get healthy and build their dreams…

AND I have something I believe you are going to LOVE in the works…BUT! More about that later.

For now – as most of you know – a few years ago I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and after chemo and a double mastectomy and reconstruction I started to sink into depression and at the end of 2014 I was at a low point of my depression. I had gained 50 lbs, and I started having trouble with again with my health. I was getting queasy after eating, heartburn, trouble breathing just walking up steps and constantly tired. I couldn’t even step into the recording studio because I was so out of breath singing.

I went through a series of testing from MRI’s to stress tests to CAT Scans and it turns out, my body was just under stress from gaining too much weight. I had always been thin but depression, post cancer and entering my 40’s took its toll. So I reached out to a friend who was in shape and started getting healthy again.

I have lost 25 lbs so far and am feeling the strongest I have ever been.

Along with getting healthy myself – I had the chance to give back to others by becoming a coach myself and helping others along in their journey.

I wasn’t already in shape when I started, but had a desire to help other people and I knew that some people could actually dive full on into building a business of coaching and I wanted to provide the opportunity for them to create income for themselves.

I was busy enough – but believed this could help some people I loved.

I had a picture of the women my non-profit serves slowing building an income in order to step out of an industry most women don’t enjoy being a part of.

I had a picture of a stay at home mom creating a little extra money for her family that could help with their bills, or provide them with extra Christmas money.

I saw in my mind a person who was in a 9-5 job that was KILLING them being able to create enough income to step out of their job, be freed up financially and be able to dream and accomplish those dreams.

I had a thought in my mind of having enough extra income to build schools in Latin America for kids.

To create a foundation for non-profits that are actually doing great work.

To partnering with others dreamers and riskers to create something that could change the world for good!

And I got a lot of kickback from people when I added fitness coaching into my life – it wasn’t holy enough, was I selling stuff? Was I *gasp* a network marketer???

Yes. It is.

And yes.

It is creating freedom for people I love and creating financial freedom for myself to do some of my crazy dreams and plans. I actually built a team of over 100 coaches right now and am in the top 1% of the company. PLUS – I get texts and messages every day from people about how they have lost 40 lbs. Lost 10 lbs. Are feeling better than they ever have.

It is hard work in my already full schedule but WORTH IT.

Now I want to share this with all of you! 

*******I am looking for 10 NEW POTENTIAL Coaches to mentor in 2015. 10 new people to mentor to a full time income on my team with Beachbody.

Maybe you know someone that this could be perfect for! Share this post with them!

You will join our Exclusive Trainings. In these trainings you will get all of the tools you will need to have true success in your business. You will not be left guessing! Plus you will have me by your side as your own personal mentor helping YOU every step of the way…


-1:1 on one mentoring from me
-Team group calls & TOP NOTCH Trainings
-Duplicable systems at your finger tips
-All of our Team’s systems, social media strategy and more.

I am looking for people who:

1. Are motivated to succeed or change their current situation
2. Have a big heart for helping people & want to change their own personal lives for the better!
3. Who have a desire to earn another stream of income for their family (We all know 2 paychecks are better then 1)!


I Repeat, DO NOT NEED….

4. You do NOT need to be a fitness expert.
5. You do NOT need to be fit or have a 6 pack!! You just need to like fitness or want to get into shape and help others do the same.

I love that Beachbody was brought into my life….SO…. WHY NOT YOU?!

This is not for current Beachbody Coaches.

****Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. See our statement of independent coach online office for the most recent information on our Coaches actual incomes.

TO APPLY go to and comment below I’m ready!

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