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Workout is done! My workout partner is the best:) Pip did some yoga stretches. …

Workout is done! My workout partner is the best:) Pip did some yoga stretches.

So. How do you succeed with your health?

Hard work. Diligence. Making one great decision at a time. There is no quick solution.

Most people when they start something new will lose 10 lbs. just by changing their habits. They drop water weight.

➡️For long term sustainable health?

✔️Support. No matter how much you try to do it on your own support is always best.

✔️Exercise. You have to exercise to get strong. Not just run. That’s just cardio and you may lose weight but you have to do other things as well. You won’t be STRONG just by doing cardio.

✔️Food. You have to eat real food. And the right portion of the right food. If you diet, or eat less then you should you will slow down your metabolism and may drop weight short term, but you won’t sustain that loss. You will gain it right back. Unless you increase your metabolism by getting enough of the right blend of fats, protein, carbs (they are especially important if you have hypothyroidism) veggies, fruit, nuts and oils. For me, I know even eating completely clean my body will miss some of the nutrients it needs that’s why I have a super foods drink a day. Not a protein shake, not a weight loss shake.

✔️Water. You need to get minimum half your body weight in oz every day. Minimum. People in the U.S. Are chronically dehydrated.

My health is a big deal to me as a cancer survivor. I’ve done the research. I know what can help or hurt my body. And I know what sustainable long term health looks like.

And that’s what I’m doing. And I LOVE it.

That’s why I coach. I can help other people. I can help them get healthy. I can help them get financially fit. I can help them help others.

✔️So thankful.

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