Y’ALL! I have been so absent on my social media – forgive me! I am having some p…

Y’ALL! I have been so absent on my social media – forgive me! I am having some pretty full, beautiful amazing days right now. I tend to do more Instagram stories so head up there for updates! .
For today I’d love to give you some words from my heart.
I see far too many people, and have been there at points of my life too, that get stuck in a victim attitude. Or feeling unloved or unloveable.
It’s time today to shift that mentality.
I see this far too often and enough already. You are loved and everyone else around you is loved too so encourage them! We spend too much time tearing others down and ourselves down!
Time to remove self pity, the poor me attitude, and be powerful. Make positive changes. Make a change and keep going with your beautiful-self. Your self-worth is already handled with God so if someone can’t see that they can take their blinders off. Let others know THEY are loved too.
“Self pity is our worst enemy, if we yield to it we can never do any good in the world.” – Helen Keller
Don’t jump in someone’s pit- don’t make your own to sit in either???? #ivebeenthere #walkaway
The world is amazing, so are you????
Choose love.



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