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Top Secret test group

Y’all! Ok so you know I’ve been in a Top Secret test group for a program that I think is going to CHANGE LIVES.

We are going into our last week and I am truly BLOWN AWAY. The commitment? 20 min. 5 days a week for 30 days 😳 this new mamma and Biz owner finally feels like I can get it accomplished during one of Josephine’s naps.

I’ll be sharing a ton more in my stories this week. The 2 weeks progress pics that are being posted in my test group are MIND BLOWING. If you want to do a sample workout with me next week – shoot me a DM.

You can also be in MY OWN VIP test group that starts December 6th before it launches to the public. Head HERE to get on the waitlist! (link in bio)


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  1. amstutzlisa says:

    🙌🙌🙌You’re such an inspiration!!! I love following your journey!❤️

  2. kauaigrls says:

    👏👏 I am so amazed at my results!

  3. You are sooo amazing!!!