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Your life is a gift

We all have incredibly painful things that happen to us. From our own doing or that of others. Do you look at your life as a series of unfortunate events or do you see the redemption that could happen from it all?

In my life I’ve battled addiction (alcohol, sex and cocaine), been raped multiple times, lived in an abusive relationship, struggled to try and have children, worked in a toxic environment in the sex industry for 13 years of my life, lived in poverty, had cancer and the list goes on. BUT instead of seeing the bad, I choose to see these things as a chance to be able to connect with someone who may be going through the same thing. Yes. Horrible things happen. But EVERYTHING CAN BE REDEEMED. My life is redeemed, beautiful, purposeful, world changing and magnificent. YOURS can be too.

Change the perspective on your life and see how your life can help those around you.

“Your life is a gift waiting to happen. Your story is destined by God to give answers, hope, and strength to others. You are saved, called, positioned, and empowered by God. He has entrusted you and me with this very time in history. When we live with purpose, his name will be great on the earth”—Brian Houston

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