I’ve been praying through how to respond. I’ve talked to friends. I’ve written and erased hundreds of words. You know, I used to wish that the walls of color would not be there – that we didn’t see the color of someones skin. That we would just look on the inside. .
But in the past few years my prayer has changed. I want us to see color, to see differences and HONOR each other, LOVE each other, LEARN from each other, DO LIFE TOGETHER, find JOY in our differences and SPEAK OUT against the hate and racism that exists today. .
I believe racism and hate grieves and angers the heart of God and should ours too. Hate should never be tolerated. What happened to George Floyd should not have happened. What happened to Breonna Taylor should not have happened. What happened to Ahmaud Arbery should not have happened. Just 3 of a long list of murders that should not have happened.
Right now I don’t know a solution or even what to really say or do, but I know I will work against racism. Be more than not racist but be actively anti-racist. Posting or just sharing a post may raise awareness – but we have to do more. Seek out how you can do more. For a start – I will continue to educate myself and continue to have uncomfortable talks to learn what I can do.
Lord show us how to love one another and make real change that matters in the world.