This morning I awoke to beautiful roses, a card and a wonderful winter wonderland! Starting out one of my fave days with awesomeness. 11 years ago today my amazing husband Tim and I went on our first date.
10 years ago today he asked me to be his wife.

He surprised me when he asked and we were surrounded by people we loved. He planned our engagement party to be right after I said yes and we celebrated late into the night.
I am the most blessed woman in the world. For all we get to do and see, travel and build, experience and discover- he always wants the best for me.

Loving, supporting, encouraging me to follow every crazy dream I have in my heart, making sure I feel secure in our marriage and his love for me.
Tim – I am so thankful to be your wife. I love you so very much.
Dreams really do come true. Mine did:)