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Don’t just dream about it – do something about it. Set a goal, make a plan and t…

Don’t just dream about it – do something about it. Set a goal, make a plan and take action! Every single day I hear from people who want something to CHANGE in their life. Fitness, finances, life purpose, addiction issues, job, relationships… and the list goes on.

There are things we ALL want to change. There are things in my life I am not completely satisfied with that I would love to change.

Then people get stuck on thinking about the change. Dreaming about the change. But then they don’t make a plan or put a plan into action. They let roadblocks get in the way. They see obstacles as insurmountable. Excuses start to happen.

I don’t know where to start. I don’t have the skills it takes. I don’t want to change how I eat. I don’t want to exercise. I’m comfortable in my job – I don’t want to take the risk. What will that person think of me? What if it fails? Too much investment. What will people say? I just can’t _______ (fill in your own blank).

Here is the deal. If there is something in your life that you are unsatisfied about – it is YOUR JOB to do the things necessary to change. To take the risks. To try something new.

Figure out what your dream is. Then make a plan with the small steps to make the larger dream come true. DO THE HARD WORK TO GET IT DONE.

Other people in your life may not understand. That’s ok.

This is your ONE LIFE.


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