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What is This Coach Thing Y’all Keep Talking About?


Welcome to the Sandi Savage show. I am your host, Sandi Savage. This is a weekly podcast released every Tuesday, dedicated to crafting a healthy life in our mind, body and spirit. We’re going to be talking about becoming a little better each day with simple strategic steps and how to actually achieve the dreams we have. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t even dream anymore.

Let’s find that fierce in you again. Oh my gosh. So I am a first-time mom of a newborn at the age of 50, a wellness and business coach, a ninth generation Kentuckian, and I love all things crafty. I mean, give me all the yarn, please. And I have the most amazing husband Tim Savage. So thanks for listening. y’all! let’s get started.

Hey, I’m jumping in here today because I wanted to share a recording of a meeting that I had with a few other coaches that have also partnered with the health company that I partner with. And in this conversation, we go through like how we even started getting to coach other people, how we get to come alongside other people in their own health journeys.

And y’all know, this is a part of what I do in my life is I get to help people be the absolute physical, mental, spiritual best that they can. And so this part of making sure that that people are taking care of themselves, like that is something that is super super in my heart. And so I wanted you to just get this little sneak peek of this conversation that we had with a few other people that was asking questions.

And if you have any questions, then absolutely just let me know. You can email, Or you can DM me on Instagram @sandisavage, if you have any questions or if this sounds like something that you would absolutely love to do. Oh my gosh.

I would love for you to do this with us. Okay. So take a listen. And here is our conversation from this morning. Lets, do this. So we, Jenni and I just got back from new leader conference with beach body, and we had an incredible time, but when we came into this, we didn’t really know that this was even a thing.

And we, we just were so on fire after this weekend. And so just feeling so amazing and energized and pumped about what this is after this weekend. And we remembered that you might not know that you can be a part of it. So we just kind of wanted to share stories a little bit, let you know what we do and see if it’s something that,

that speaks to you. We’re so grateful that all of you are already in our community and we get to be on the journey with you. And we just wanted to share a little bit about kind of what we do on our end. So I, I just wanted to take it back. I’m going to just kick it off here and take it back and share kind of how I got into this,

because it was sort of by accident. I wasn’t looking for it. I wasn’t looking for a new business. It was, you know, October of 2020. And I had just were really in a bad place, physically, mentally, I just was kind of in a dark place. Everyone was because of the pandemic, but I had spent, you know,

that whole year I had kind of built up this fitness habit finally, after many years of not like staying on track with working out. And I was working out every single day, we were super active and I gained 15 pounds and I was really struggling with it. I would go into my closet and I would look for the biggest clothes I could find.

I didn’t want to be seen. I kind of wanted to hide out which I could cause we were still kind of in the pandemic. And I just was in a place where like, I’d look in the mirror and I was really mean to myself and just really hating on myself, but I was working out, but not losing any weight. And it was because,

I mean, I knew nutrition was a problem for me. And I was at, I got on the scale one day and I was the most I’d ever weighed even fully pregnant. And it was really eyeopening for me because at that point it felt like it was dangerous to my health. And I had known about beach body for a long time, but never thought it was my thing because I didn’t really get it.

I didn’t really know all what, all, what all it was. I thought it was just some workouts and some shakes I wasn’t into, you know, shakes really. And I was already working out. So I didn’t need that. But I had been following my coach for a long time because she was super inspiring. She was very much into mindset and personal development and I was already into those things.

And so I had been following her because I just was, I liked her vibe and I was just really interested in what she had to say. And it wasn’t just about workouts and shapes. And so I started to like lean into what she was saying and paying attention to that part of it and really started to learn about nutrition offerings. And for me,

that was really the thing I knew I needed. I didn’t think I wanted to work out from home, but I was in a desperate place and I needed to take some kind of action. So I thought if she knows, she, she put an invite out her stories, like my next bootcamp, blah, blah, blah. And I reached out to her because I just was in a place where I needed to make a change.

And I didn’t, I didn’t reach out to her to become a coach. That wasn’t how I started. I just needed help. And what I realized very quickly was that yes, the nutrition resources that I needed were there, but that it also was incredible to work out from home. I’m now a obsessed with our programs and working out from home. But I,

I knew that I needed max accountability and I got that leaning right into the community, but I knew that I needed like top level accountability. And so I decided to become a coach very shortly thereafter, like within a week, because I knew that if I brought maybe my sister-in-law into this or a couple of close friends and just ask them to do it with me,

that I would have to show up for them. And I knew that if I showed up, I’d show up for other people before I’d show up for myself everyday of the week. So like that, I, I, it’s just, it’s sad, but it’s true. It’s the facts. And so I knew I needed that max accountability. And so I did sign up as a coach quickly thereafter for the discount and to really make sure that I didn’t fail this time because I’ve done,

you know, I was an athlete growing up and then after college, I just could never keep it together. It was always like, oh, I’d get on this kick. And then, you know, had sugar cravings for years and never ate very well, but also didn’t want to take the time to research all the different diets and plans. I just wanted something that I could sustain that was balanced and healthy and sensible.

And so I found that, and like I said, I, I joined as a coach, honestly, just for the deeper level of accountability. And I really started to share a little bit on social media, not for business, but because again, I knew I needed the accountability. And for me, if like someone’s watching, I’ll show up and I started to share a little bit just so that I could track my own journey.

And I was shocked because I, I, when I got into this and did it as a coach, I thought, well, I mean, I don’t know who needs this. Like, no, one’s feeling the way that I am. I don’t know of any of my friends, you know, do their own things. I don’t have anyone to do this with,

but it was shocking because as I started to share my journey, it’s even that very first, like scary post of here’s where I’m at. I’m putting this out there so that I don’t drop the ball on myself again. And I had so many people who I’ve been friends with on Facebook, but haven’t talked to, and so long that I had no idea that they were feeling the same way and that they were in the same position and they would either comment on my posts,

but a lot of them just reached out to me directly and were like, yeah, me too. I’m feeling the same way. And so, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t know coming into this, anyone that would do this with me, but what I found in sharing is that so many women in my life were relating to the place that I was in and that we could do this together and help each other and get ourselves out of the dark place.

And that’s what happened. I started to, I went on my own journey and it has completely changed my life. And that sounds so hype-y, but it’s true. I already was working out, but I’ll tell you, I’d worked out for years with a trainer. I’m stronger now than I ever was. I battled some injuries, which I never thought I’d do any bouncing things again.

And I’m doing all the bouncing things. My nutrition, you know, I lost the weight. My nutrition has totally changed. And more than anything, I have been able to watch other women in my life come out of that same dark place and have a totally different energy, different confidence, the way they show up in the world. And there are people who never thought of themselves as fit and healthy,

who are now fit and healthy. And so I didn’t have a fitness background. I wasn’t a trainer. I didn’t come into this with a health and wellness background. And I was worried about that too. And it just doesn’t, it’s not, it’s not required. Certainly there are some health and fitness professionals in this company. But the thing about it is,

is that we have the tools and the resources from the best of the best trainers, nutritionists, sports scientists. And so we just get to share that and be on the journey with everyone that’s in our community together, doing this life together, holding each other accountable, supporting each other, lifting each other up. When we fall off, our CEO recently talked to our team and he was like,

you know, everyone falls off. It’s not like we’re in this company or I’m the CEO. And like, I never get off track. Every one of us gets off track. And that’s really what our job is, is to help each other, get back on track and do it quicker and do it better and just continue to live out that healthy lifestyle.

So that’s kind of my story. It has changed everything for me, again, like the other women, the way I show up in the world, my confidence, my energy, the things that I can keep up with my kids, I can show up my kids at, you know, almost 48 years old. And, and it’s just become such a love and a passion to get to witness from the front row,

doing this with other women that, you know, really are ready to kind of step into their own light as well. So that’s my story. I wanted to just share that with you guys. Thanks for letting me do that. And then I’m going to hand it off to who am I handing it off to is going next. Okay, Sandi. And if it’s not,

we’ll say it is, well, thank you so much, Ashley. Oh my gosh. I mean, y’all love my fellow coaches. They’re so freaking amazing. And I am just so stoked that you all get to hear a little bit more about who they are and what we do. You’re going to hear a ton from my lovely five month old during this,

because she just woke up and she’s super active, but I wanted to come in here and I’m just going to stand up. I want to come in here and let you all know a little bit about my journey and how that happened. And it’s a little different than other people, but let me tell you what this company has saved my life multiple times.

So I’ve been a part of, in some form or fashion beach body for seven years. So when I first started, I had no idea it was the company. I didn’t find the company. I saw my, a friend of mine from college was just like working out all the time seven years ago. And I’m going, I’m stuck in a pit of depression.

I need to do something about my weight. Okay. Hey, what are you doing? Can I do it too? And she messaged me back and asked me a bunch of questions. And I was like, I don’t need to answer all these questions. Tell me how much it is because I will do it. I just need to do something. You know?

I mean, at that point, there’s no objection that I have. I have to take care of myself. You’re obviously taking care of yourself. So I’ll just do what you’re doing. So she told me, you know, if you want to get discounts on all the stuff that you know, like shakes and all that kind of stuff, then let’s just sign you up as acoach.

And I was like, sure, I don’t care. I love it. Sign me up. I had no idea what it was at all. I just knew that she was working out and I was like, I need to ask. And I certainly don’t like go into the gym. I was not a gym person.

So I signed up and since I signed up in the way that I did, I had access to all these tools that a coach would use when they were helping other people. And I went, oh, well, this is not like, this is hard work. Like you have to put in work, but it’s a really simple process. So maybe I’ll do that.

Okay. So this is in the first 24 hours. It’s like, well, what is that thing? Okay. So I don’t, let me tell you what the training back then was very different than the training right now. It is back there. Oh my gosh. It’s so much better. So I can do that. Oh, I just need that.

I need to tell people my friends, I need friends. I need accountability in this. So I’m just going to do it. I was, had not started, had not done one workout had not gotten any kind of box in the mail with any kind of thing in it and said, I need people in it with me. Hey, you want to do this with me?

How are you inthis with me, how you want to do this with me and not knowing exactly what it all meant, but like in less than a month, that was in the top 1% of the company. I had not lost a bunch of weight. I had not. I had just shared, this is where I am. Do you want to do this with me.

So as that grew, I started focusing on some different things in my life, within my career. And I stepped back from doing any coaching. Then COVID hit everybody. I slipped into another depression because I could just hide behind my computer. You know, if you, I feel don’t know me that well, but I was teaching a lot of courses and a lot of memberships online.

So I can just sit behind my computer and snack. And didn’t worry about having to go out any of that kind of stuff and gained weight back. I got a NordicTrack. I had tried a million different things. And then one day I looked at my husband and I went, I have to go back to the thing that I know works for me.

And that is beach body. And I know just like Ashley said, if I’m coaching that I have to be showing up for other people, I’m not going to just do it, just to do it. Like it is ultimate accountability to me to actually have to show up every day for other people. And so again, at a point of my weight,

you know, I’m going, I don’t have all this together. Good grief, but I’ve got to pull myself out of this depression. I’ve got to get my body at the healthiest. It can be because I’m 50 years old, I was about to have a newborn. And now she’s five months old. So that was when I started coaching again. And if you’re 50 and you have a newborn she’s growing,

it’s hard to get up off the floor. You’re like, my joints were just going, oh no, I was like, I have to do something for us. I’m not going to be able to take care of her the way that I need to take care of her. And so again, ultimate accountability. And I started coaching again again at a very high weight,

because that’s not what it’s about. Y’all are, y’all are hearing about what coaching is about coaching and really about doing it together. Coaching is really about being able to link arms with other people because we’re all on this journey. I think one of the biggest lies that we all listen to is that we’re alone. And this is something that shows you that you’re not,

you’re not alone. You have people in your corner. And so that’s a little, that’s a little piece of my journey. It didn’t look perfect either, but in may, one can do this at any point. We just get to help each other out and support each other and cheer each other on. And I mean, that is the best.

So I want to feed her and then pass It off. Thank you, Sandi. Oh my goodness. I’m Jenni And I know a few of you are going to be listening to this recording, or maybe we’re going to be sending it off to you over the next couple of weeks. But as Ashley said, we just got back from new leader conference and a year ago,

if you would’ve told me that I was going to be a beach body coach, I would actually probably 13 months ago, I would have said to you, you’re joking, right? Like I don’t drink shakeology. I don’t do those workouts. I don’t solicit anything. I don’t sell anything. I don’t do any of that. But the thing is,

is that 2020 was a real, and I have a very long history with disordered eating. I am actually in recovery and I’ve been sober for 22 years. And if you would have told me 22 years ago that I would be living the life that I’m living today, I would not have been able to even dream it up. I was so much into addiction and yes,

I got sober, but as I continued to get sober, I started to fall more into several different eating disorders, whether it was starving myself or bingeing and purging or whatever it was, I have just kind of gone from so many different extremes and always just had a lot of body image issues. And when we hit 2020, I really started to kind of get like,

yeah, I wasn’t drinking. I was going to meetings, but like I started to really kind of fall into some of these different, bad behaviors. And I had started this journey probably four years ago where I started losing weight. I was at my top top weight. I think I was like 225 pounds. And I too was at the time higher than I had been when I was pregnant.

I was eating. I was doing all the things. And when I started my weight loss journey, then I was drinking the shakes and not eating food. And yeah, I was losing weight quickly, but like I wasn’t doing all the things like I wasn’t taking care of myself emotionally, spiritually, physically. I was just, you know, going to the extreme and starving myself.

And then when 2020 happened, I was trying to maintain the 60 pound weight loss by just not eating. And I, I was really at an all-time low that I really had no idea that I was actually at. And I had gone on this women’s class, this last September, I guess, September of 2020. And I was on a hike because I’ve always been an athlete.

I’ve always loved being out in nature. I’ve always loved being, you know, with other women. And there was 25 of us there and we were on the site and we were supposed to talk about if you could do anything in the world, and you knew that you were not going to fail, you knew that you could like pretty much do anything.

You did rate your ticket to, to anything. What would you do? And I just said to my girlfriend, I would write a story and I would read a book and I would tell my journey and I never really thought anything of it. And then later that evening, a bunch of different gals said, you know, women really need to hear your story.

That like you have a powerful story and like, you need to share it. And so slowly but surely I started to kind of start a blog. This was October of 2020. And I started following this chick on Instagram. And I had no idea that she was a Beachbody coach. I had no idea that she was like this top amazing coach,

but all I knew is that she was living this life and like showing up for herself and she was doing these workouts. And like, I just like sat and I would just watch her videos that she would post and I’d be like, oh my gosh, would it be nice to like, have that life? Right? Like, she’s beautiful. She’s got these amazing friends.

And so I just kind of just kept watching her. And then I would see these ads for this amazing planners she had. And you know, I was starting this blog and I’m like, you know, maybe this planner that she has would be really beneficial to me in helping me stay organized. And so I decided that I was going to purchase her planner and become this influencer.

And you guys, I have no idea. She was a Beachbody coach. And so I purchased her planner and I check out and it said in the checkout, you know, would you have any interests in like applying to be mentored by her? And I’m like, well, heck yes. Because like, who wouldn’t want to be mentored by this chick because she just seems incredible.

And so I fill everything out and I get on this phone call and she is very similar to like the phone call we’re having right now. And she like tells me it’s beachbody. I was like, oh gosh, like I am not doing that. Like just yesterday. I found DVDs that I had purchased like in 2014 and I just opened them yesterday.

Yes. It’s 2022. I bought these DVDs in 2014 because I was going to change my whole life, but I never actually opened them because I didn’t actually believe whatever. And so I tried to take shakeollogy and I was like, oh my gosh, but I’m going to just try this. Because at the time I was doing this love and gratitude challenge,

because being an addict, there is something about when I move my body and I’m eating healthy, that I feel better. And I was showing up for these other seven ladies and guys, I was not a coach. I, I wasn’t any of these things, but I was doing everything that I currently do. I was doing a 30 minute workout. I was doing my gratitude lists and I was just touching base with these ladies.

And I had no idea how that simple act of December, because I was going to change and finish 2020 amazingly different and like show up for myself for 2021. And I had no idea it was going to bring me on a journey of creating this team of women that show up for themselves daily. And I had no idea that I was going to meet Ashley and then I was going to meet Misty.

And then I was going to then meet Sandi and guys the stories that the four of us ladies have and how we bonded together, that we benefit zero from each other’s teams. Like I don’t make any money from Ashley. I don’t make any money from Missy. I don’t like, there is nothing that like make, but like, it is the fire that I have inside of me from these women that have cheered me on and have helped me change my entire life.

I mean, Sandi and I sat down next to each other. I had no idea whose coach she was. She had only been coaching for like, I think three weeks when I met you in July. And we simply just said, when they were coming around the table and like asking for drink orders or whatever, I’m like, no, no things I don’t drink.

And then she looked at me and she’s like, I don’t drink either. And like, we somehow had this connection that like, we were just meant to meet each other. And I really truly believe that like Ashley and Misty and I had the same thing that like, there are women out there that are meant to be on your journey with you. And like,

I had no idea when I started this, that I was going to somehow learn Instagram. Like guys, I was not ever on Instagram before I started, I had 200 followers. And when they started to tell me that I should just share my story because remember I was not going to be a coach. I’m like, okay, like, I’ll share my story a little bit,

but oh, I don’t know about this. Like, I don’t know about these hashtags. I didn’t even know what a hashtag was. Like my girls that at the time were like 11 and eight or whatever were kind of teaching me some of these different things. And I’m like, okay. So I’m just going to start sharing my journey, but I don’t,

I don’t really know. And I show up at Christmas time last year and I get like, hardly sit down on this bench. And my sister-in-law’s like, what’s up. And I’m like, well, I just started doing these like 21 day workouts. And I’m like, they’re really kicking my butt. And like, guys, I love to work out,

but I am super motivated on a Monday falling off the wagon by Wednesday and getting the efforts by Friday. And I like, remember I have these DVDs from 2014 that I just opened yesterday, literally just yesterday. And so I don’t show up for myself. I have all these intentions and then I just fall off the wagon on the, get the epics and I’m like,

oh, I can’t do it. Perfect. So I’m just not going to do it. And slowly but surely I started just kind of sharing with people that I was just doing these 21 day workouts. And like, my mom was like, well, well, I want to do that too. And then my sister was like, well, can I do it with you?

And guys, I accidentally became a diamond coach in like two weeks of becoming a Beachbody coach. And I was like, I don’t even know what that is. You can totally do this with me, but I don’t know what I’m doing. Like, we’ll figure it out together. Right. And then I started doing like some trainings and I started like leaning into other,

other ladies on this team. And I started getting real and I started, you know, believing in myself a little bit. And my entire life has changed. I have always been all about personal development, but like I would do it for like maybe the first two months or the first two weeks of the month. And then, you know, I would fall back and then maybe I’d try again the next month or whatever.

But when I started showing up for myself and it was the, what was the very first book that I read where it making small changes, the compound effect. And so I started reading the compound effect for 10 minutes every single morning. And then I would go and do this 30 minute workout. And I was not going to drink these shakes.

You remember? And she’s like, just try it. If you don’t like it, we can return it. You can get your money back. And I’m like, okay. Like, because remember I had started my weight loss journey like four years ago by drinking these shakes. And it created a lot of disordered eating for me, like to the point where I kind of,

I got scared to eat fruit. I got scared to eat a piece of bread. I got scared to eat anything because I thought I would gain my weight back. And when I started like listening to what autumn was saying in these 21 day fixes videos, you need to eat this food to fuel your bodies, to do these amazing workouts. And I was like,

ding, ding, ding dinning. I’m actually not feeding my body. And therefore that’s why my body’s not changing. And I’m like, okay, I’m going to eat this apple. And I’m going to eat these strawberries. And like all these things that I would not eat because they, in my mind, they were like bad things that I should not be eating.

And I started to just slowly kind of listen to what these people were telling me that they obviously knew what they were talking about and backing up a little bit. Like I literally would do a 10 minute workout or excuse me, 10 minutes of personal development, a 30 minute workout. And I started eating this food and I started showing up differently. I started actually like looking in the mirror and liking the person that I saw.

And that was what I started asking people if they wanted to do it. I mean, it wasn’t anything, any superpower that I had, it wasn’t anything that I had, like all the schooling or anything. I just started doing what my girlfriends on this team were doing. And I was like, guys, this really is actually working. And I started to believe in myself a little bit.

And I started just start this like small little team where we were taking these sweaty selfies of ourselves and sharing it with each other and holding each other accountable. And I started borrowing the belief of everybody else on our team. And I started believing in them because like, I would see Missy show up and be like, well, if she’s going to show up,

then I better show up for her too. And then I started to have some people that would join me and they’re like, okay, I’m not going to do a sweaty selfie, but you know, I’ll just touch base with you in your accountability group. And slowly, I started having people on my team, like all of a sudden, like not show a picture of their dog and start showing a picture of themselves because they started believing in themselves.

And I have always had a passion of helping other women. And I think it has to do with my recovery that when I help another woman out, it helps me stay accountable to my journey. And that’s pretty much my dream for my team as that and who I’m looking for to join my team as other women that like want to make an impact in the world and want to have another woman out,

because that is exactly what our entire rise nation entire team is about. Like when Ashley and I were in Las Vegas this weekend, Kim Fitz, Patrick, like one of the top coaches in our entire company saw that we were trying to take a picture because our coach wasn’t able to be there and she stopped what she was doing. And she’s like, oh my gosh,

guys, you guys all need to be in this. Like I’m going to take this picture. And she spoke belief into our team and she has no benefit at all for helping us out because that is what the entire company is built on one woman or man helping another personnel. And that is how one day at a time we’re building these teams of like rockstars and showing up for each other and helping each other out.

I have no idea sometimes today, even what I’m doing, but I’m just trying to be authentically me and show up. And when I do that, like it automatically just makes other people attracted to me. And it’s not something that is like a get rich quick. It is a change your whole freaking life and continue to show up and you will continue to build the tribe.

And if you don’t give up on yourself, I guarantee you like, you will be showing up at like the next get together, whether it’s in Florida or Arizona or any of these amazing trips that we get to go on, and you’re going to show up as the better version of yourself. And you’re going to look at one of us possibly and say,

I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up on myself. Like I believed in you because these stories are true. And you know, I sat on a phone call last night and I literally was in tears going these women. I heard all of these things, things last year, they were right. Like, I don’t have to know all the answers to build this company and I don’t have to do it alone.

Like I get to do it with all these amazing women. And we will be right there with you helping you build your team because we’re on the same journey with you. And I believe that Missy probably has a lot that she wants to add. And so I will turn it over to her and I can’t wait to watch all of you join us and your journeys as well.

How do you follow that? Oh my gosh. The fact that you three are my friends and I never knew you from Adam a year ago. And I just felt so much love and so much support, which is just such a weird thing in my world. So I work in a man’s world in corporate America, where we sign NDAs. We don’t help people.

I am not going to help Jenni. I’m not going to tell her my secret sauce. I’m not going to help her, you know, solve this problem with a client in my corporate world. But in this world it’s so different. So at 44, I’m learning how to, to not only to extend because I can always serve other people, but letting them come into my world and sharing my pain points and my struggled with them and just trusting in them and taking their advice has been like the most invigorating thing ever on mankind.

I can only say like you guys, it’s unbelievable. So my background, my name is Misty by the way. Thank you guys for joining. Hey, I have a couple of you guys on here so super excited to see you guys this morning. But so I taught for years in the gym, constantly rushing and serving everybody else.

I absolutely love teaching in the gym group, fitness, personal training, all the things I spent probably way too much time there as a stay-at-home mom, because I was just not happily married. My kids’ dad was a good guy, but like we just live totally life. So it was almost like we’re roommates, right? So I was just like filling my extra time in the gym because I was just finding validation to be completely honest of like helping other people.

And so that’s kind of the path I went. And then I realized, gosh, you know what? This is not, I have these two kids. Like, this is not the life I want to be doing right now. Like I need to be putting effort into being a good mom. So fast forward, I ended up just stopping, opening my home gym training out of it,

you know, a couple of times a week, few clients super simple, but I was always had to have a full-time corporate job. So left my kids’ dad got into another relationship. A couple of years later, still worked full time, still raising my kids, thought I was doing pretty good. And then, you know, it just kind of evolved.

I grew the ladder in my corporate world, but again, I was constantly serving other people. I am working long hours and trying to just, you know, get that pay, raise and do all the things. And I can just say, when I started coaching, I had no, no intention, no time, no plan up for it. Just kind of like these other gals,

I’m like this wasn’t even a thought in my head. And so for me, I was getting ready to remove myself from a pretty toxic 14 year relationship. And I was like, I just, I don’t know how I’m going to do this. Right. So I just need to either figure something out so I can have, I just want to, like,

basically what I did is I joined a challenge group. It was for the month of December. And I just thought, I just need somebody to tell me what to do every morning. Like, I don’t want to create my workouts, which I knew how to do. I don’t want to create my own things. I just want someone to tell me what to do every day.

So I joined it and I thought, great, I’m going to try new workout. So I did. It was amazing. And then I started listening to the gal who is my coach now didn’t know her at all. Had never heard her name. Didn’t follow her on social media. Didn’t know anything about her. And she was constantly talking about flipping the script.

So it was something positive instead of saying like, oh, I have all this laundry to do today. They can turn it to a positive. Right. And so every day hearing that, I was just like, oh my gosh, this is exactly what my heart needs right now, because I am like the pity party in this horrible relationship, you know,

all these things, getting ready to move, working full time, being the bread winner, all these things. And so I was just like, okay, this is exactly what I needed to hear. So I started doing that. And then by the end of the month, I was like, okay, I gotta pay this forward, but I just don’t know how I can do this.

I have a full-time job. And when I say full-time job, it’s not a nine to five job. It’s pretty demanding job. I work minimum 60 hours a week. I do work from home. So that’s my saving grace, but I was talking to her name. Like I can’t create the processes and I, I work with the engineers. So I’m very process driven.

And like, I need a script. I need to know exactly what to do. Checkpoints, you know, like I’m the person, like if I have my to-do list and I did something that wasn’t written on there, I’m going to write it on there so I can check it off. So I was like, I just, I can’t reinvent the wheel.

And she’s like, you don’t have to. It’s so simple. And so I think for me, when she said, you actually, your job is to show up for yourself. So then you can show up for your daughter and you can show up for your employees and you can show up for all these other people. And I, like, well,

I’m constantly showing up for them, but I’ve never shown up for me. And I’m like, oh, that kinda makes me uncomfortable. I’m like sweating a little bit. Like, what does that look like? And she’s like, you’re already working out every day, but you need to listen. So it’s like, she gives us the list.

We listened to something person like Jennifer, Jenni was just saying she listened to the compound effect. I think that was my first book too. And I’m good about having organized schedules and all the things like that’s my jam. I can do that all day long, but it was constantly given everybody else. I had no clue what it looked like to show up for myself,

no clue. And I’m like, I’m getting ready to be on my own. No family in this state, I’m on a budget. Like, how am I supposed to do this? So anyway, long story short, I ended up signing me up to do it and did well. And it just, I was just like,

I don’t do sales, like absolutely a hundred percent. Like can’t sell people, but people are constantly asking me like, Missy, what workouts are you doing? Or how do you eat that? Or how do you make that? And I just thought, why not? You know, do something with this instead of just constantly sharing and then showing up for myself was that key component.

So I will tell you right now, it doesn’t take a ton of time out of your day. It can, there are people that do this. Full-time I don’t, I work a full-time job. Like I mentioned, I am a single mama. I’ve got a house to maintain horses, all the things. So I don’t have a ton of time.

Like I mentioned, my schedule is really kind of my saving grace. I schedule in pockets of time. So when I’m in the carpool line every morning and afternoon picking up my daughter, I’ve got 15 minutes where I’m doing something. Maybe I’m listening to my personal development, then maybe I’m responding to them, but they’re pockets of time. So I’m not scrolling through social media.

I’m not in my DMS. I’m not doing all those things, but you might be surprised to know I’m very introverted. So for me to sit there and have conversations, wasn’t always an easy thing for me to do. So I set like a goal for myself, of how many, you know, actually interactive conversations I was going to have. And that’s how I actually met the girls on this call today,

which was really fun. But I had to really like think twice about when I decided to coach, I was like, okay, I can’t, you know, let my coworkers know. I, I, you know, I’m an executive on a team full of men. And like, I can’t be like traipsing around on social media,

in a sports bra. Like I will not have a job tomorrow. Right. And I really need this career right now, this job, this corporate job. So I looked into it and I was just, I talked to my CEO, who’s also an entrepreneur and own several businesses. And I just said it, you know, I he’s like, well,

is it like an MLM? Is it this pyramid scheme? And I said, I don’t think so. I said, we have the CEO and we have all these people. And he says, no, it’s a business. You guys. And now we’re actually a publicly traded company. We’re getting ready to go nationwide. But the fact of the matter is,

is it not one of those quick, rich, quick, you know what I’m saying? The get rich quick schemes anyway. So you have to work hard at it. You have to schedule the time you have to put in the work for it, but it doesn’t take a lot of brain power if you will. So the processes were written out for me.

I could just follow them and check them off every day and feel good. Like, okay, I drank my superfoods. I pretty much stayed on my nutrition plan. I moved my body today. I drank my water. I listened my personal development. I shared my journey with somebody else. And just by that, oh my gosh, that is the most fulfilling thing ever.

But as I was going back to standing, I’m all over the board this morning, I’ve had way too much coffee and energize it. Haven’t had breakfast. So, you know, we’ve Beachbody has been around for over 20 years now for a long time, to be honest with you, we’ve got a CEO, we’ve got a CFO, we’ve got a president,

a founder, all the things. So we’ve got a board of directors, guys. I am in the boardroom four times a year. I’m in with my investors one time a year. So this is a legit company. And so for me, I was like, okay, that’s the only way I’m going to do this because I cannot risk like my corporate identity with,

you know, this thing, right? Like this thing is really honestly how I’m looking at it as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. and an at home workout, I’m like, I don’t know, but I just knew that I needed it at that time. And then it truly has just evolved into just pure magic because Jenny, Ashley and Sandi have just become a lifeline for me.

So on the days where I might putting in 16 hour days, and I am like not hitting certain goals or, you know, I’m just feeling burnout. And I, like, oh, and I still have to show up and make dinner now for, you know, and be a mom and have clean laundry and like take her to, and from school and take her to a basketball tournament.

I’m just like, I just, I don’t want to. And they’re like, you got this, you can do it. And so just having that lifeline of support has been just such a godsend. And, and I think just knowing when I get those texts and it’s probably every day, honestly, I get a text from somebody. I just text me the other day.

And she had like her day four of her, like this new program, she started, she’s texting me a picture from the bathroom. She’s like, sorry for the bathroom snapshot. But I see ABS! And she was so excited. And it’s those texts like that where I’m like, oh my gosh, yes. Virtual high five. I got you.

Like, this is so exciting. And then it makes me want to show up and go do that workout, which I honestly did. So yeah, it’s just, it is you guys. It is so much more than a workout. I, I hate the fact that it has, and I’ll be the first to say, I thought it was, I had such a stigma with each body being a workout.

It’s not at all. I think it comes with mindset first and then nutrition. And then the workouts all flow because that’s where you get your confidence back. Cause when you start feeling more energetic, like Ashley was saying, and you just, you start to something good for yourself every day and actually taking care of yourself. I don’t know how many women on here take care of themselves.

First when they’ve got a five month old in their arms or two kids, you know, they just dropped off at school and Ashley’s got two girls in gymnasts. Like she’s got three kids that are like crazy athletic sports and doing all the things like I know Jen, you’re a nurse. And so you’re juggling all the time with your daughter and being a single mom.

Like it is really hard for us to take care of ourselves. And when you’re in the corporate world, you’re constantly serving everybody else when you’re in the gym, you’re serving everybody else. And I love the fact that I have clients that they don’t even work out. They’re just focused on their nutrition because they have no clue where to start. And they’ve got 200 pounds to lose and they’re like,

I just need to learn how to like a vegetable. Like, that’s it, there’s no working out. So it’s not a one size fits all. We really cater to our clientele. So I am going to stop there because I can just keep going on and on and on for hours. So I just want to say, thank you guys so much for jumping on here.

Do you guys have any questions? If you do, please put them in the chat and or if you’re watching this ask your coach ask questions. We are here. This is obviously what we get so excited about is we want to help you. And if we get a solution for you, we’re going to tell you, you know, it just takes you deciding,

Hey, I am ready to do this. Like I am going to make this decision when I show up for everybody else. I’m more likely to show up for myself and I can guarantee you that is, I think all four of us has said that in a roundabout way, in a different, you know, kind of a different avenue, but it’s,

it’s so true. So true. So Sandi, Jenny asked, do you guys have anything else you want to add to this? Yeah, I just was going to say, this is I, you know, I worked in corporate America for more than 20 years, a belted other online business for five or six years. This is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.

Just getting to help other women and watch them like wake up and come into the light. I think a lot of us, you know, I feel very passionate about this concept that sometimes especially moms, when you kind of walk into motherhood, you let go of your own individual identity and you don’t realize it until you wake up. You know, when they’re a little bit more self-sufficient and realize like,

who am I and what do I want? That was definitely my experience. And, you know, you’re juggling all of the things and, and you kind of get lost in that. And so I just feel so passionately about watching women come out of that and come into their own as they continue to age. And it’s been, like I said, the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done,

but the cool thing about it is that the are number one, the first part of our job, the first priority of our job is to be on our own journey first. And that’s, I don’t know that you can say that for any other kind of work. I mean, it is literally our job, but to be on our health journey and then to share that journey with others who might be needing,

you know, some help too, and then to get, help them get results. And all the while I’m working on ourselves to become a better version of ourselves that we’re putting out into the world, that’s literally our job. Those are kind of the four things that we are, that we are tasked to do in this role. And I think that’s really hard to find in other occupations to be honest.

And so there are so many people on our team that work full time jobs that continue to work full-time shops, they love their work. And this, this is the thing that like fills their soul on the side. And I did want to say one other thing that, you know, in 2021, you know, I’ve got great friends. I have great friends,

but I don’t have a ton of friends that are, that are constantly like wanting to learn and grow the way that I am. It’s just, I’m just something I’ve gotten into in the last five or six years personal development and something I was already doing. It’s now at another level, but I just really was like wishing for another circle of women to come into my life that I really felt like were kind of on the same page with me in terms of that.

And that that would help make me a better, stronger person. It’s something I was really looking for. And now looking back on this last year, I found that in this coaching community, particularly the conversations are just different. They’re just there. Like I said, I have great friends and I love my friends, but it’s just a different level of conversation with this group of women who are constantly growing and striving to continue to evolve and helping each other do that.

And it’s just like through osmosis, like you just kind of become a different person and it’s just a different kind of energy. And so it’s hard to explain until you’re in it, but I wanted to try to explain it because it’s been one of the most special things that’s happened for me over this last year beyond getting my health in order has just been this community of women that like I know that are making me better.

And I hope that I am also making them better and all the while we’re just helping other women get healthier and live more fulfilling lives. So with that, I don’t know if Sandi or Jenni, you have anything that you want to wrap with. If you don’t, I don’t see any questions that we miss at this, What you were saying. Well,

this community of women is an absolute lifeline. Just like Ashley was saying like guests, we have friends in our personal life, but it is a different conversation. It is a different spring on it is a different listen, we’re in it together to lift each other up. And that is hard to find, but it’s not a competition that is hard to find like the women here,

what we want to see each other succeed. We want to see each other grow. We want to see each other be the healthiest that we can absolutely be so that we can do the things that we are called and do in our life. That’s why it matters. Having that, having that support, having that lifeline. So many people don’t have that.

We give each other hope and inspiration and encouragement and lifting up and spring on and a kick in the pants when we need it every single day, because we just, we just love each other. So like, I am so grateful to have a community of women like that. And the thing is, is that that is available to anyone. It does not take something special except a desire to decide,

to commit to some change and a desire to say, I actually need something more in my life and that’s that’s available. So I just want to jump on and say super thankful, and have loved every second of spending this morning with you guys. Y’all I guess I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that signed on today and took the time out of your day to just kind of hear our passions.

We’re grateful for each one of you. And you know, whether today is the day or next year as the day, like we are, we’re in it for the long haul. So we continue to show up for ourselves. We continue to show up for you and continued on this journey that we’ve all been called to be on. So I’m truly grateful for every one of you.

Oh my gosh. How amazing was that? Thank you so much for listening in on this. And again, if you have any questions, absolutely find me on Instagram or Facebook and IG at sandisavage or you can email or I would love for you to experience that community like this. And if you feel like this is something that’s been missing in your life,

let’s have a conversation. Oh my gosh, it can change everything. Well, thank you so much for joining us to day. We’re so great to talk to you all. Now we will be back next Tuesday as usual. So be sure to follow us and subscribe to this podcast. Also, if you have any thoughts about what you’d like to hear,

you can absolutely email I’d love, love to connect with you. See you next Tuesday and have an amazing, amazing day!

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