Grateful today…

Grateful today… I’m thinking of those of us who have been through a LOT. Some things horrific, sad, unexplainable grief, abuse and torment. (If you don’t know my story just ask – I’m an open book…)

And then a wave of relief and joy hit me because we are ok. In multiple conversations with my friends we laughed, remembered and we all feel some form of gratitude that we survived, but after all the years we are more solid, wise and not only survived but are thriving.

If you are in a spot you think you will never get out of take hope. Things DO pass. You DO heal. You can live an extraordinary life after trauma. You can live a happy, joyful and love filled life. It may take a while to heal… but you CAN.

I love you all. I’m grateful for you. 💕 Keep going and fighting for your healing because it is worth it on the other side.



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