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Have your healthiest 2016

There are 366 days in 2016 (it’s a leap year peeps!) and I’m committing to drinking my Shakeology DAILY all year.

And because I get asked a lot… this is why I drink my whole food based superfoods packed shake daily…

– No soy, fake sugars or harmful ingredients (important to me as a cancer survivor and I have hypothyroidism) read ur labels… if ur shake contains soy, maltrodextrin, hydrogenated oils of any kind, sucralose or anything else that you cannot pronounce & is 21 letters long, you shouldn’t be ingesting it daily & thinking it’s healthy)
– Clearer skin & supa strong nails (my nails used to peel)
– Fewer cravings (this is my daily chocolate Yummo!)
– Happy, flatter tummy due to better digestion (no bloat!) & regularity
– I almost never get sick
– It’s my daily multi-vitamin… I don’t eat perfect & ShakeO fills in MY dietary gaps (5 servings of veggies, yes please!)
– Did I mention it’s chocolate & tastes amazing?!?!

Yes, there are a bazillion protein shakes out there, but Shakeology is so much more, so different & worth the $3.34 daily price tag to me. Interested in trying it & comparing labels (I encourage it!!) to have your healthiest 2016 too?!

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