Something has been on my mind in recent days. It’s a quote I haven’t been able t…

Something has been on my mind in recent days. It’s a quote I haven’t been able to get out of my head. “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. For me personally it has been like pulling teeth getting some of my thoughts and lyrics to paper. A painful yet beautiful process I’m growing in. With discipline everyday I’m writing more and more. So grateful for those around me who are encouraging me, helping me and sparking my creativity. But I believe this quote has a deeper meaning for everyone. I think each of us is here for a reason and has a certain gift that the world needs. Something that is meant to be shared from our heart, soul and mind and the world would be a lesser place if that gift isn’t shared. It could be music… it could be knowledge. Wisdom. Art. Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Design. Everyone has a certain spark of wonderful in them. So my encouragement for you all today is to let it out. Don’t let anything hold you back. Nurture, learn, grow and let your heart out for the world to see. Step forward with courage and belief. Go for it. The world needs YOU.
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