One Decision. Just One. I don’t think people understand that just ONE decision c…

One Decision. Just One.
I don’t think people understand that just ONE decision can turn their life around.
For me, in February I made one decision to reach out to a friend because I was tired of carrying around extra weight. Tired of having digestive problems. Tired of being tired all the time. And that decision turned into:
Me getting healthy, my husband getting healthy, a career that helps others get healthy, find purpose and create a business for themselves.
I don’t know what your one decision is.
It could be one decision to get help while battling with depression.
It could be the decision to go to a local church to find community.
It could be leaving a job that sucks the ever living life out of you so you can actually live.
It may be reaching out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a very long time to heal your past wounds.
It could be a decision to get sober.
To take care of a medical problem that has been plaguing you.
Those were ALL just decisions I have made in my life.
What is yours? Realize – your whole life can change from ONE SMALL DECISION.
Decide what that is.
Share it here if you want to be accountable to it. And go for it.



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