There’s only 60 more days until SPRING BREAK!! Are you ready?! I’m not yet, I’m …

There’s only 60 more days until SPRING BREAK!! Are you ready?! I’m not yet, I’m working on it though AND was by far closer to my goal than I was before!! Summer bodies are made in the winter- now is the time to start! Pip is even working out with me this morning! She’s getting ready too! 🙂 Y’all, I’m always SO blown away by how well this program works for me and all of my challengers that stick to it that I want EVERYONE to experience having their own awesome transformation & I’ll be starting a new round At the end of February so we can start together!
So, let me break it down for you….. Your Challenge pack: $140 – Complete program, plus bonus DVD for 9+ different workouts (cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates, etc..), INCLUDED – Customized meal plan for you plus smart portion containers, INCLUDED – 30-day supply of Shakeology & shaker cup, INCLUDED – Daily 24/7 support in a private accountability group, INCLUDED – Me as your coach to the whole way thru, INCLUDED – Ability to repeat the program as much as you like….. obviously INCLUDED – Ability to workout from anywhere with the Ondemand access that will also give you 15+ extra programs for 30 days free! INCLUDED

Your other 21 day option: $750 – Working with a personal trainer 5x per week for 3 weeks, $450 – Taking a pilates class 1x per week for 3 weeks, $60 – Taking a yoga class 1x per week for 3 weeks, $36 – Custom meal plan for one month, $199 – Some ziploc containers to portion out your meals, $5+ – Decide to stick with this plan for another 21 days, $745 AGAIN

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have $750+ to get started on my health & fitness journey.
Yes, I am going to ask you to invest in yourself with a program & Shakeology and commit to the group, but my help is always free ❤️. Ready? Go to



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