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– This was me in 2002 in London England. I had gone there for the summer with m…

#TBT – This was me in 2002 in London England. I had gone there for the summer with my BFF to kick around Europe and to clear my thoughts on what my next steps in life needed to be.
You see – at that time I was getting ready to step out of a 13 year career in Adult Entertainment. I was at the peak of it – but wanted out. I was real smiley on the outside, and inside I was so very sad.
And I woke up one day and said if anything is going to change in my life – I have to be the one to change it.
The same happened with my addiction to cocaine and alcohol. I literally made a decision one day that I had to stop or it would kill me. It took a long time of recovery, it was hard, but I’m so glad I did.

So not long after this picture was taken – I did my last show in a bar in England. It was the last time I danced and I stepped away for good. For me – I had to quit to maintain any sanity I had left.

We all have things in our life we would like to change. I still have loads of things in my life I’d like to change, my life isn’t perfect, but these days I try to see the positive in everything.

But here is the deal. You can’t just make a decision then not do anything. You have to take that decision and put it into action. You have to take the steps necessary to make the changes in your life.

And you CAN do it! Take it from me. When you decide to make a change no matter what and do the work necessary no matter how hard it is, you will see how much your life will turn around.
xoxo Sandi <3 #RealTalk #itsWorthIt #ItTakesWork #YouCanBeginAgain


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